Munetoshi Sanjo

Third Generation Munetoshi is all made by 67 years old Kouiti Turumaki. 
He have learned everything from his father and have been blacksmith for 52 years 
He is specialized in white steel and making primarily Axes, Nata and heavy duty blades 
Thats why i have approached him for my Butcher knife, That was my house brand itinomonn 
They turned out outstandingly strong and very robust knives
Fit and finish is not his thing so you can not expect any on Munitoshi knives. But in my opinion it is not bad thing as his knives is is made for abuse and to be strong ! 
He water quench all his knives and finish is rough and rustic. In my opinion they are amazing cutters on pair with Shigefusa and Kato ! 
Super easy to sharpen and get amazing edge with White steel. But much together then other white steel knives that i have tried. 
At this price point he is very very hard to beat. As always fully handmade hand-laminated blades, VERY rare to see in this price point, so they are Amazing value ! 
I decided to Keep ONLY Kurouchi knives from him , so he will concentrate more on heat-treatment and grind instead of FF, plus i think the look of his KU knives is the best and super unique !