Sado Mumyoi Yaki Teapot Set Mizuyagama

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Sado Mumyoi Yaki Teapot Set by Mizuyagama.


Mumyoi-yaki  is a type of ceramic made by firing clay creations at a high temperature.

Mumyoi is the name of the clay containing iron oxide produced in the neighbourhood of the Sado gold and silver mine.


Approx. measurements :


The set consists of a tea pot, five cups, and a yuzamashi water container which is used to cool boiling water before pouring it into the teapot.

Presented in original wooden box.


Teapot:  High: 55 mm, Q: 100 mm

Yuzamashi (water cooler): High: 60 mm, Q: 90 mm

Cups: High: 50 mm, Q: 73 mm 

Wight: 800 g.


Made in Japan

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